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  7. Alg 1A

Class Rules:

  1. Always show respect for yourself and others.
  2. Make sure the classroom is left in the same condition as you came into it.
  3. All school rules apply (no cell phones, ipods, games, etc).

Grading Procedure:

  1. Homework is collected daily, usually at the BEGINNING of class.  Homework may be graded on completion and/or accuracy of designated problems.  ALL work must be shown for credit.  Giving only answers will result in a 0 for that assignment.
  2. Late work (except for excused absences) will be accepted for half credit, up to the next test.
  3. Homework and classwork combine for 20% of your grade and tests account for 80%.  The Saxon Math series encourages this due to the fact that tests are cumulative and thus best evaluate student knowledge of the material; the grade accurately reflects not only effort, but more so student understanding of the subject matter.
  4. Extra credit will not be given so please do not ask.

Materials needed for class:

  1. Pencil and eraser
  2. Optional: paper and a folder.  I provide “square paper”, but you may use your own—preferably not spiral notebooks.  A folder/binder may be handy to keep handouts/notes/old homework, but I do not do binder or note checks.
  3. Calculators:
    1. Math Analysis:  very beneficial, and sometimes needed for trig functions, scientific notation, and logs.  Those that have sin, cos, tan, and log functions are most beneficial ($10-$20), but a four function calculator will save you time on advanced arithmetic. 
      i.      Recommended models:
      ***BEST***: Texas Instruments TI-30XIIB ($13)
      Casio FX115MSPLS ($17)
      Any Casio300FX series models ($9-13)
    2. Alg IA:  Will NOT be using calculators until late into the year, at which point a four function calculator will be fine.  Any student seen using a calculator, or work shows they have used a calculator will be given a 0 for that assignment. 

in Mr. Rauls’s Class

  1. Maximize your time in class.  Be in your seat when the bell rings, ready to begin the new lesson.  Make sure your pencil is sharpened or has lead in it, and be ready to go after I take attendance; I will not hold the entire class up for you.  I have a lot to teach you…no need to waste any precious time in class.  Though we work out a few problems, I do not spend a ton of time on previous night’s homework, thus it is best to ask questions in class when I give you work time.
  1. If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to make up the work and check with me for anything missed!  If you know you are going to be absent ahead of time (such as a field trip), check with me prior to the trip and any assigned work will be due the day you return.  If you know you are going to be absent on the day of a test, be sure to work out a time to take it with me before you leave!  The week’s assignments and tutoring schedule is always on the chalkboard.
  1. Students will only be allowed to leave the classroom in cases of extreme emergency or called out by the office.  Take care of any restroom breaks or other needs before or after class.  If individual needs or problems arise, talk to me privately to work something out. 
  1. If you fail to bring materials to class, you may check out supplies from me…daily “forgetfulness” may result in a parent contact and/or discipline.
  1. Purses and book bags must be kept on the floor under your desk as much as possible. 
  1. No food in class.  Gum and small hard candy may be allowed (such as mints, cough drops, jolly ranchers, etc…NO suckers), but throw any and all trash in the provided trash cans.  If any gum, candy, or wrappers are found on the floor or desks, it may warrant the loss of this privilege.  Drinks will be allowed unless it becomes a problem, but must be kept off the desks.
  1. Homework may be done on loose leaf paper or the provided square paper some students may be accustomed to—either way must be legible, with answers circled if needed.  Partial credit is awarded; keep in mind that work MUST be shown in order to receive any credit.  Homework is due at the beginning of the hour,  If not turned in at that time, then it is considered a late assignment.
  1. Homework passes may be used twice in a quarter.  Keep in mind that homework is your study guide to a test.  Continually and efficiently doing your homework is the best way to do well on the tests.
  1. I am hoping to open several aspects of learning in this class that you may not be accustomed to—communication will be key.  Going to the board to present a problem, working with members of a group, utilizing problem-solving strategies, and implementing critical thinking skills will each be areas of focus.  My goal is to get you to comprehend math at a higher level by looking at the “big picture” and understanding the how and why math operates.  In order to do this, I encourage my students to think deeper and avoid simply going through the motions.  When actively participating in class—I expect each person to contribute.
  1. Test adjustment policy (there are NO RETESTS because of this policy as mandated by the district):
    If you have a low test score(s), it may be adjusted later in the quarter by doing well on two tests in a row.  For example, Johhny scores an 81, 79, 56, 80, 78 on the first 5 tests.  Since he scored better on test 4 and 5, I would take the average of those two (79) and replace the 56% with the 79.  The theory is that since Saxon is cumulative, and tests are weighted heavily in order to accurately reflect what the student knows—if the student has now caught up on concepts they were missing before, their grade should show that knowledge.

i.      Another example: Sally made a 45, 52, 74, 76, 90.  The average of the 74 and 76 is 75, so both the 45 and 52 would be replaced with a 75.  Though the 90 is higher, Sally has not yet shown she can CONSISTENLY score a 90.

ii.      The following are cases that do NOT warrant test adjustments:

Joe: 80, 90, 80, 91, 84 (up and down)

Barbie: 90, 95, 86, 91, 62 (the better scores have to be AFTER the low one) 

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