Rules and Procedures

Mrs. Solomon’s Classroom Rules and Procedures

Classroom Rules

  1. When I am talking you are quiet!
  2. Work Hard!
  3. Do what is expected and follow instructions!
  4. Respect the classroom and the students in it!

Classroom Procedures

  1. Be in your SEAT and quiet when the bell rings or you are TARDY.
  2. Remain quiet and in your seats until dismissed by me at the end of the hour.
  3. NO food or drinks allowed in the class, gum is a privilege until you abuse it!
  4. Two bathroom or locker breaks per semester. I am sure we can work something out in exchange if it is an emergency. (Cleaning desks etc.)
  5. Late work is worth 50%. After one week it is a ZERO.
  6. Bring your science book, notebook, and writing utensil to class every day!
  7. If you are absent make sure to get notes from a classmate and assignments before or after class/school.
  8. Labs and tests must be made up before or after school. (Hint: Don’t miss)
  9. Tutoring is available before or after school, per your request. (Don’t wait until it is too late)
  10. Do not touch the Smartboard or computers without my permission.


  1. Verbal Warning
  2. Detention with me before or after school
  3. Discipline Report (Write-up)
  4. Parent/Teacher Conference
  5. Referral to Office

Lab time is not play and visit time—that means there will be NO warnings. Failure to comply with these and the safety rules and procedures will result in suspension from lab activities.

-First offense-suspension from current lab and the next lab.

-Second offense-suspension from lab for the next 9 weeks and will be assigned “busy work” to earn half credit.