Classroom Rules
  1. All students must be in their assigned seat when the bell rings, penalty – Tardy.
  2. Students will turn in all work on assigned date. Assignments and tests turned in without a name will receive a grade of zero (0).
  3. Students should be prepared for class – Notebook, Pencil/Pen, Paper, and Textbook.
  4. Check the board for daily work as soon as you enter the classroom.
  5. All students must adhere to the school discipline policies.
  6. Students are not to touch anything on the teachers’ desks.
  7. Book bags and Purses are to be placed under the tables.
  8. No chewing gum allowed in the classroom.
  9. Students need their planners in order to use a hall pass.
  10. It is the student’s responsibility to get work when absent.
  11. All test make-ups will be given before school or by prior arrangements.
  12. Everyone will take tests on the day it is given.  Even if you were absent the day before.
  13. Student must complete remedial assignment and any missed work from chapter to retake an assessment. Retakes will be given before school or by prior arrangements. NOT DURING CLASS TIME. You will have two weeks to complete a retake. One retake per quarter.
  14. Each student is to keep a 3-ring binder with notes and homework.  Subject to review during the semester.
  15. No food or drinks allowed in the room.
  16. Students that are not working on assignments will be written up for Trifling.



Students are subject to classroom discipline if found in violation of the above procedures, unless otherwise stated above.