Photo Challenge

The photo challenge for March 6-24 is an ACTION SHOT!  Be creative and take as many shots as you need to play around.  That's one of the advantages to digital can take as many shots as you want.  They're super easy to delete later.

Post your best shot on Instagram and tag me (@pope.deana) or on Twitter (@deanapope).  Don't forget to use the class code #dpopemm.  

If you do not use Instagram or Twitter you can still participate in the photo challenge!  Just email your best shot at with the subject - PhotoChallenge.

Have fun and I can't wait to see your pictures!!


February - Something representing the letter R

Cassidy Draper

Road Sign

May - Buildings or Bridges

 Andrew DeRousse


April - Sunrise or Sunset

 Cynthia Willford


March -

Wildlife - Solo

       Cynthia Willford


February -

Create Your Own "I Spy"

        Lindsey Meinhardt

Lindsey's picture

Rusty Toaster  

This is what you are "spying" - a rusty toaster


        Brandon Beran

Brandon's Reflection Photo