Formative Assignments (20%)

ü  Homework will be assigned almost every night. However, it is always my intention to set aside class time every day so that you may begin your assignments before you leave.  You are expected to complete each homework assignment nightly and to check to make sure you have the correct answers the following day in class.

ü  Something different this year, Daily Homework will NOT be collected.  It is your responsibility to keep up with the assignments and complete them as assigned.

ü  In addition to the Homework assignments, we will take at least 3 Daily Dose “Quizzes” each week.  These will consist of 5-10 problems from recent lessons to ensure the material is being understood.  These Daily Dose problems will be graded for accuracy and will not receive partial credit (i.e. it’s either right or wrong).  The points will then be recorded 1 point per problem so, 5 questions = 5 point DD.

ü  IMPORTANT NOTE: All homework assignments completed in Homework notebook may be used on each Daily Dose.  So, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!

ü  Failure to make use of class time to complete assignments DAILY will result in parent contact followed by disciplinary action.  THIS WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED!

 Summative Assessments (80%)

ü  You will be expected to take approximately 3-4 Tests per quarter. 

ü  Each test will be worth 100 points, and count as 80% of your overall grade.

ü  There will be two district-wide finals.  One at the end of 1st Semester and one at the end of 2nd Semester. 

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